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MRI screens with mirrors inside to help patients see outside

Managing MRI Claustrophobia with Mirrors

MRI Cinema is revolutionising the MRI experience for claustrophobic patients. Instead of the experience feeling like “being buried alive while attending the worst rock concert ever” it is now a relaxing experience watching beautiful scenery via a mirror inside the bore.

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Breast Cancer Mammogram being had by a woman with the results displayed on a computer screen

Breast Cancer: Key Insights

Breast cancer – a term that carries immense weight, resonating with millions around the world. It can be overwhelming, and getting the right information can be hard. But don’t worry we will unravel the mysteries surrounding breast cancer and give you with knowledge to empower you on your health journey.

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What X-Ray is used for

X-ray technology is important in healthcare. It helps doctors diagnose and treat patients by giving them valuable information quickly. This article delves into the pivotal role of X-ray imaging, illuminating its diverse applications and the profound impact it holds in enhancing patient care

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