What to do with your referral

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Did you know you have a choice where your medical imaging scans are done? You can go to a clinic of your choice that's convenient to you. Your referral is accepted at multiple locations and also at different providers.

Understanding your referral 

When you get a referral from your doctor, you can take that piece of paper wherever you like. You can choose where to go.

Importance of selection

Radiology plays a pivotal role in modern healthcare and for this reason, is it important to do your research before you get your scan done. 

Choosing your provider

Book Radiology directory has an extensive network of accredited radiology centres and specialists. Find a location that is convenient to you.

We accept all referrals

Book Radiology providers will accept all referrals.

Your health matters. Here at Book Radiology we simplify the search process, connecting patients like you with some of the best providers across Australia and New Zealand.

Disclaimer: Please note, if you have any questions or reservations about an upcoming radiology scan, it is always recommended to consult with your healthcare provider, who can address your concerns directly. This is general information, not tailored to a specific individual. Please read our Terms and Conditions.

Book Radiology is a premier directory for radiology providers in Australia and New Zealand.

Our website is dedicated to connecting patients with the most trusted and accredited radiology services nearby. Find a convenient clinic near you with Book Radiology.



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